Gary has now retired from the practice of law. He can still be reached at the address, email address or phone number in Contact.


Gary has been handling motor vehicle accident cases for many years, through several different Insurance Act schemes. He is familiar with the many technicalities that have to be addressed in order to determine if there is a good case to go with on behalf of the injured person. Gary has also handled many other types … Continue reading PERSONAL INJURY


Gary represents both employees and employers in wrongful dismissal cases. In his experience, employees need immediate advice concerning a situation that has arisen at work or for a severance package that has been offered. His response is to accommodate the client as soon as possible. Employers often need a prompt answer to the questions they … Continue reading WRONGFUL DISMISSAL


Gary draws on his other civil litigation experience including personal injury work to assist him in handling cases involving allegations of lack of testamentary capacity, undue influence or fraud. These cases are usually hotly contested and they require experience and hard work to handle them.


Gary has handled several types of commercial litigation over the years and continues to do so. These include claims for payment of invoices or of promissory notes, enforcement of foreign judgments, and claims involving breaches of fiduciary duties or non-solicitation covenants.


Gary handles insurance claims including auto insurance accident benefit claims, group disability insurance claims, and life insurance claims. These types of claims often arise in connection with some of the other cases that he is handling, for instance motor vehicle accident cases.